HiTechnic NXT Extended Connector Cable Set


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“Extend your Mindstorms EV3 and NXT robotic designs with the HiTechnic Extended Connector Cable Set. Build creations with motors and sensors up to 3 feet (90cm) from the EV3 or NXT! For compact robots with motors and sensors close to the EV3 or NXT, use the short cables to eliminate coils of excess wire looped around your model. The Extended Connector Cable Set contains four cables in total, two cables shorter than the standard Mindstorms cables and two cables longer than the standard Mindstorms cables. Cables has standard EV3 and NXT style RJ12 plugs on each end. The set contains one cable of each
length (Cable length includes connectors)
۱۲ cm (4.75″”) – extra short
۱۶ cm ( 6.3″”) – short
۷۰ cm (27.6″”) – long
۹۰ cm (35.4″”) – extra long
Standard Mindstorms cable lengths are 20cm (8.5″”), 35cm (14.5″”) and 50cm (18.5″”).”



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